• Financial Emigration in South Africa

    Are you worrying about where will all your hard earned money and retirement funds go after you plan to settle offshore? Well, if you follow the right procedures, every South African is lawfully entitled to retain all of his or her assets and financial interests.  Benefits Of Financial Emigration Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by

  • Deserted Money in SA Policies

    In the insurance and investment business they use the term ‘orphaned money.’ This is money which has been paid into policies but people have stopped paying into them and the Insurance or Investment Company has turned the account into a paid up policy.  Most of us began policies in our early 20s to early 30s and they became simple debit

  • How To Move Your Money When Emigrating

    Emigrating! What important things should you consider? You already know that you are going to have to move money; exchange your money. You’ve also heard of people speaking about a Tax Clearance and your Retirement Annuities are on your mind. You may even think about inheritance money you may get in the future: what’s going to happen to that?  It

  • Financial knowhow in a morass of knowledge

    Finance information and knowledge is key Who can forget the site of ‘fat cat’ bankers leaving magnificent banking houses like Lehman Brothers on Canary Wharf and Goldman Sachs in New York, with their humble brown boxes – broke and seemingly destitute, in the big banking crash of 2008? Few of us could muster any sympathy for these so called brilliant

  • The Rand Repatriation Process

    Getting Your Rands Out Of South Africa And Into Your Bank Account We at Rand Rescue always strive to unite you with your rands. Many South Africans who relocate to other parts of the world are often left confused about what they can do to retrieve their funds from their South African retirement annuity policy. And while it is now legal