Electrum Capital

Getting Onto The Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Ladder

Electrum Capital

Introducing Electrum Capital

An affiliate of Rand Rescue, Electrum Capital offers customers the opportunity to get engaged with digital currencies such as Bitcoin and the decentralized blockchain platform Ethereum to get involved with the ever growing cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrencies are fintech solutions that use blockchain technology – essentially a digital ledger that tracks and verifies transactions and keep them secure. They not only offer a high-tech method of securing, but also have the potential to bring a bigger return based on changes in value, making them an innovative investment opportunity.

Electrum Capital uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to help people get involved with the growing digital currency market regardless of where they are in the world.

Electrum Capital helps set up your digital exchange and will also supply you with a cryptocurrency hardware USB wallet.

Why Electrum Capital?

Electrum Capital was founded by New Zealand-based digital consultant, Dean Davis and Rudi Stander, a major shareholder and partner with Rand Rescue, as a way to help people get involved with the growing trend towards digital tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

For more information about our digital currency services, please feel free to contact Rudi Stander by emailing him at rudi.stander@randgroup.biz or giving him a call on +64 21 222 7897.