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Rand Predictions

South African Rand Forecasts vs Dollar, Euro and Pound


Rand Rescue has just partnered with Dynamic Outcomes Rand Forecasting Service to offer our clients access to Rand Forecasts & Predictions against the Dollar, Euro and Pound.

They have been providing forecasts for the Rand to thousands of investors, importers, exporters, individual traders, expats and corporates since 2005.


These forecasts give a complete roadmap for expected Rand market movements, and can be used to rescue your Rands at the best rate, to get the most Dollars, Euros or Pounds for your ZAR. These forecasts can help you whether you are extracting savingsretirement annuities or any other funds, or if you are a corporate transacting on a regular basis.

This gives you quality information which is scientific-based, objective and free of emotion or sentiment as to where the markets are going.

The forecasts cover the 3 major Rand-based financial markets:

  • USDZAR (US Dollar vs Rand)
  • EURZAR (Euro vs Rand)
  • GBPZAR (Pound vs Rand)


The forecasts are delivered via an online portal, and are updated twice a week, on a Wednesday and a Friday evening (USA close).


The forecasts come in 4 timeframes for each market:

  • Short Term Forecasts (the next few days)
  • Near Term Forecasts (the next few weeks)
  • Medium Term Forecasts (the next few months)
  • Long Term Forecasts (the next few years)


Below are some examples of what you can expect to receive

Short Term Forecast Example
Near Term Forecast Example
Medium Term Forecast Example
Long Term Forecast Example

Alongside this, they also offers a host of premium features on their higher level subscriptions, such as:

  • Rand Fundamental Events
  • Pop-up live charts
  • FEC (Forward Rate) calculator
  • Email & SMS rate alerts


To get started with a Free Trial of their service, please click here.


We continue to provide solutions to our clients for every aspect of rescuing their Rands, with this being the latest addition to make sure you get the best possible rate on your transaction.


If you have any questions, feel free to email them to, and let James or Alex know what your question is and that you are a Rand Rescue client, and they will be glad to assist you with any queries.