New Zealand Office

  • Henrico Kotze

    Business Development Manager, New Zealand & Australia Offices

    From the early stages of Henrico’s career he found a deep interest in asset and risk management, and realised that customer service and peace of mind was captured in the guarantee that your risk is secure and protected at all times. His aim is to provide an excellent customised service to every single customer.

    When Henrico himself was faced with making the big move to New Zealand in 2015, he was challenged at his own game, and had to surrender his financial profile to The Rand Group, who managed the transfer of his personal funds and managed his financial migration process.

    Henrico was recognised and approached by Rudi Stander, the Global Managing Director and founder of the Rand Group and is currently employed as the Business Development Manager for New Zealand. He is also the franchise owner for Australia.


  • Lijlanie Stander

    New Zealand Office

    Lijlanie has obtained the degrees BComm and BProc at the University of South Africa. In South Africa she practised as Attorney, Notary and Conveyancer and has over 13 years of outstanding loyalty to legal practice. Upon arrival in New Zealand she worked alongside Fred Baker at Baker Law in Auckland.

    Lijlanie is Rand Rescue’s Marketing Manager and Events Co-ordinator and is an integral member of the team, with nearly 20 years’ experience in senior roles. As an immigrant to New Zealand, Lijlanie is aware of how stressful moving countries can be and understands how important it is for Rand Rescue’s clients to feel welcome and safe in their new country, and the same goes for their funds! Lijlanie is committed to successfully steer the Rand Rescue Marketing department in the right direction. Lijlanie continues to devote herself to further studies.

    Lijlanie is very experienced in her field and has organised many successful events, both in South Africa and New Zealand. Lijlanie continues to deal with the day to day marketing of the Rand Rescue business in Australasia, while facilitating events Rand Rescue supports. Her efficiency and professionalism allows Rand Rescue to grow fast and to support the South African community in New Zealand. Despite her hectic schedule, Lijlanie always manages to allocate time to the community. She is the founder of SA Kiwi Chicks, who devotes themselves to serving women and families in Auckland and the greater New Zealand. In her free time, she enjoys the New Zealand lifestyle and spending time with her husband and children.

  • Mandie Van Dyk

    New Zealand Office

    Mandie has 9 years of administrative and personal assistant experience working for NZ local government. She is an experienced administrator who takes the responsibilities as Personal Assistant and Office Manager for the New Zealand head office. She will liaise with the South African office, partners and providers to ensure clients can be re-united with their rands.