Rudi Stander


Rudi has enjoyed more than 30 years’ experience in the banking and foreign exchange industry. He commenced his career with the Standard Bank of South Africa Limited and quickly rose through the ranks to join Trust Bank Limited (now ABSA bank) and then Master Currency Foreign Exchange now (Bidvest Bank) regional manager in South Africa.


Rudi started his career in New Zealand by joining the HIFX group of companies where he became one of the most successful Business Development Managers over a four-year period. Rudi still provides his clients with Foreign currency services expertly done by HIFX & Currency Online. He prides himself in offering practical, swift and cost effective solutions to South Africans wanting to be re-united with their rands! Rudi has been based in Auckland for over 4 years and is a frequent traveller throughout the world where he promotes the business globally.

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