About Us

How its grown in the last 8 years and now the business is expanding with a global reach...

The South African Revenue Services implemented a law change in July 2008 which states that anyone who has formally emigrated (obtained a tax clearance, reserve bank approval and opened a blocked account) would be able to access 100% of their retirement annuities. With the help of Rand Rescue, South Africans are now able to access their retirement annuities and other investments without any age limit.

Our area of expertise is in assisting you to complete the emigration formalities. These include obtaining forms from the South African Revenue Services (SARS), the bank and South African Reserve Bank (SARB), your supporting documentation, liaising with all the above, re-activating your SARS account, opening your blocked bank account and assist the banks to transfer your funds to your new home country. Our mission is to assist fellow South Africans to make sure no rands are written off or left behind. Let Rand Rescue deal with the bureaucracy necessary to rescue your rands.