Rand Rescue Servicing The World

Rand Rescue is a company that specializes in the transfer of rands. We operate both on the buy and the sell side. The New Zealand based company is led by Rudi Stander with offices in Durban. Our service is supported by the latest technology and more than 24 years of industry experience. We provide expatriate South Africans with a complete service to access their remaining funds in South Africa, guide them through the exchange control process and ensure that their funds are transferred at the best exchange rates. These funds may be the product of the liquidation of retirement annuities or other assets. Individuals and businesses currently residing in South Africa are also able to transfer their rands through Rand Rescue at bank beating rates. Rand Rescue targets private clients who still have retirement annuities and other policies in South Africa. The Group also assists clients that want to exchange their rands and transfer that abroad. These funds may be from the sale of a property or in the normal course of business. We provide better exchange rates and a more client orientated service than that of banks, saving our clients time and money. We assist expats around the globe in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and Mauritius to Rescue their rands! Clients are often unaware that alternative providers exist, however the growing animosity that people feel towards banks is leading to more seeking those alternatives. Unfortunately crime, a shrinking labour market and political instability are forcing many to emigrate. There are still very few competitors that allow for good margins. This is the right time to cash in your rands! Give us a call.