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Formal Emigration Procedure

As soon as a client has registered on our website, we will forward an emigration questionnaire and authority letter to him.

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South Africa Emigration Status

If you need to retrieve your funds from a South African retirement annuity policy, Rand Rescue can help.

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Get ZAR out

We assist South Africans globally to access their cash in South Africa by utilizing their annual allowances.

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RAND RESCUE does not provide financial or investment advice and nothing on this site should be construed or interpreted

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Cashing In Your South African Retirement Annuity Policy


It was only in 2008 that the rules were changed to allow under-55 year old South Africans to cash in their retirement policy and remit the funds overseas.

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Financial Vs Physical Emigration From S.A


One thing people sometimes overlook when planning their emigration is their financial position. While it may be a (relatively) simple matter.

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