• “I am very satisfied with the service provided by you and your team and would recommend your services to any of my family, friends and contacts.  If I am ever in SA I will make a point of personally thanking you Grant Rowley and your team.”

    Mr Roy Rudolph, New Zealand
  • “Fantastic work and much appreciated.  As far as the Rand Rescue service is concerned, I would like to say that it is not often, these days that it can be said that a service has gone beyond the expected.  It certainly has been superb throughout this lengthy process. Particular mention must be made of yourself Ralie. You have always addressed all issues professionally and replied to my correspondence promptly, easing any frustrations in a difficult process.  I do not hesitate in recommending you to anyone who requires your service and have done so on more than one occasion.  My heartfelt thanks for all your assistance.”

    Mr Derek Brooker, Australia
  • “I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in helping me to get my money transferred out of South Africa. Your team is truly awesome!!  I was very impressed with the professional manner in which you kept me informed every step of the way. Thank you so much.  I am more than pleased with all you have done to assist me. I will definitely be telling friends about your wonderful service.”

    Mr Rob Keating, New Zealand
  • “From my heart, I would like to thank you all for your advice, assistance and help, but especially Ralie, who tirelessly navigated this process over all encountered obstacles right to final line.  Without your help it wouldn’t happened.  Thank you very much and God bless you all…”

    Yefim Maizel, New Zealand
  • "Dealing with Rand Rescue has been a pleasure.  They have made dealing with a bureaucratic nightmare of a process, into something very simple for the end user. I have delayed actioning getting my funds out of SA because I simply could not see a way of getting all hurdles jumped efficiently and effectively. Rand Rescue facilitated the process effortlessly and with professionalism.  Their fees were more than reasonable for the amount of paperwork that was required – they worked for every penny!  I cannot recommend them highly enough."

    Nicky Roche, Australia
  • “I am writing to you all to thank you very much for your professional and absolute care you have given to me in sorting out the work I required done.

    I first found Rand Rescue during a visit to my daughter in Auckland New Zealand at Christmas 2014 when Rudi was at the Coffee Club with his family and I saw him getting out of his car with the advertising of Rand Rescue.  I approached him and asked him for a business card which he kindly retrieved from his car.

    After much deliberation I decided to approach Rand Rescue in May 2015.  Marlene explained the process to me and answered all my questions.

    I explained to Marlene the work I wanted done and she assured me Rand Rescue would achieve my requirements.

    I can now report that all the tasks were completed and after a lot of emails and paper work the funds arrived in my account this morning the 24 October.

    Everything was handled with complete accuracy and attention to detail.  Rand Rescue is a great company with people doing the work with enthusiasm and care.

    To you Marlene thanks for answering my several telephone calls and help. To you Ralie, thank you for the shear tenacity and diligence in dealing with the government departments and insurance companies so as to give me the great result.

    I must say that your customer service must rank in the top echelons of business if not the best. It was not easy dealing with issues on email but you were great.

    Once again thank you and my best wishes for the future, if you have a customer that requires somebody to talk to they should contact me for a reference.”

    George Pearce, Australia