Financial Emigration Procedure

As soon as a client has registered on our website, we will forward an emigration questionnaire and authority letter to him.

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South Africa Emigration Status

If you need to move your money from a South African retirement annuity policy, Rand Rescue can help.

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Get Your Money Out

We assist South Africans globally to get their cash out of South Africa by utilising their annual allowances.

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Terms, Conditions & Privacy

RAND RESCUE does not provide financial or investment advice and nothing on this site should be construed or interpreted

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Cash Your Retirement Annuity & Transfer To A Bank Near You!

Financial emigration from South Africa has never been easier and hassle-free. Cash your South African retirement annuity and move all your rands and money from South Africa to a UK, Australian, New Zealand or USA bank account.


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More about us

Who we are



Total amount of rands that Rand Rescue has repatriated since the company started. estimate R650 million.

Rand Rescue has repatriated over R650 000 000.00 in the past 5 years alone and we except to TRIPLE this in the next 5 years.


What we do



Success rate (%) of clients who got their funds repatriated – 100% success rate. we don’t take on any application if we cannot successfully repatriate the clients funds, thus far we haven’t turn down any clients application.


How long will i have to wait to get my money



Average time it takes for someone to get their retirement funds repatriated using Rand rescue – the process takes approximately 5-6 months


Can you really assist me?



Total amount of clients who have used Rand rescue’s services. – approximately 2400

We have helped over 2400 satisfied clients over the years and we would be happy to assist you and add you to our client list.


How many years we do it



Rand rescue has been successfully repatriating SA rands since 2008.



  • “We appreciate the effort, efficiency and excellence with which the team have executed this complex process.  We will gladly spread the word of your service.”

    Bosman du Plessis & Charlene Gunter, US
  • “It has been a pleasure to deal with you, thank you very much for your efficient and professional service in making the process so easy.”

    Craig & Theresa Tunstead, Australia
  • “I am so so over the moon with this process so far, with your service, with your delivery and most of all, your communications throughout this process! That's why I love South Africans - because we just get the job done!”

    Katy Roberts, UK
  • “Thank you very much for the excellent service, you guys do a very good job.  My wife and I really appreciate everything you've done for us, we will definitely recommend you to all our friends and family.  All the best with future endeavours.”

    Ettienne & Corne van Vuuren
  • “I have really enjoyed working with Rand Rescue and you have done an absolutely fantastic job. Your standard of professionalism is very high and you provide complete peace of mind during the process. I will most certainly advise anyone who requires funds extraction out of South Africa to contact your company.”

    Daniel Honiball, Australia
  • “Thank you for this, and let me further add that you have been absolutely unbelievable in your service delivery, something which is not found very often anymore. I was dreading this process for obvious reasons but you certainly took all the anxiety that I was feeling away, you are an asset to your company. I have no doubt that you are well appreciated by your superiors. Again thank you.”

    Mr Ludwig Haeufler, New Zealand