Formal Emigration Procedure

As soon as a client has registered on our website, we will forward an emigration questionnaire and authority letter to him.

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South Africa Emigration Status

If you need to retrieve your funds from a South African retirement annuity policy, Rand Rescue can help.

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Get ZAR out

We assist South Africans globally to access their cash in South Africa by utilizing their annual allowances.

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RAND RESCUE does not provide financial or investment advice and nothing on this site should be construed or interpreted

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Re-Uniting South African Expats With Their rands!

Need Help Accessing Your South African Retirement Annuities Or Other Funds In South Africa


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More about us

Who we are



Total amount of rands that Rand Rescue has repatriated since the company started. estimate R650 million.

Rand Rescue has repatriated over R650 000 000.00 in the past 5 years alone and we except to TRIPLE this in the next 5 years.


What we do



Success rate (%) of clients who got their funds repatriated – 100% success rate. we don’t take on any application if we cannot successfully repatriate the clients funds, thus far we haven’t turn down any clients application.


How long will i have to wait to get my money



Average time it takes for someone to get their retirement funds repatriated using Rand rescue – the process takes approximately 5-6 months


Can you really assist me?



Total amount of clients who have used Rand rescue’s services. – approximately 1750

We have helped over 1750 satisfied clients over the years and we would be happy to assist you and add you to our client list.


How many years we do it



Rand rescue has been successfully repatriating SA rands since 2008.



  • “I am writing to you all to thank you very much for your professional and absolute care you have given to me in sorting out the work I required done.

    I first found Rand Rescue during a visit to my daughter in Auckland New Zealand at Christmas 2014 when Rudi was at the Coffee Club with his family and I saw him getting out of his car with the advertising of Rand Rescue.  I approached him and asked him for a business card which he kindly retrieved from his car.

    After much deliberation I decided to approach Rand Rescue in May 2015.  Marlene explained the process to me and answered all my questions.

    I explained to Marlene the work I wanted done and she assured me Rand Rescue would achieve my requirements.

    I can now report that all the tasks were completed and after a lot of emails and paper work the funds arrived in my account this morning the 24 October.

    Everything was handled with complete accuracy and attention to detail.  Rand Rescue is a great company with people doing the work with enthusiasm and care.

    To you Marlene thanks for answering my several telephone calls and help. To you Ralie, thank you for the shear tenacity and diligence in dealing with the government departments and insurance companies so as to give me the great result.

    I must say that your customer service must rank in the top echelons of business if not the best. It was not easy dealing with issues on email but you were great.

    Once again thank you and my best wishes for the future, if you have a customer that requires somebody to talk to they should contact me for a reference.”

    George Pearce, Australia
  • “Thank you very much for all your hard work, appreciate it. You guys did a real good job. Excellent service.”

    Mrs Michelle Fichardt, Australia
  • “Thank you so much to you and the team at Rand Reunite for assisting me in getting my RA out of SA.  I had tried myself in the past and come up against such stumbling blocks of red tape that I had given up until a friend put me on to yourselves. To be honest I did not have much hope and have been pleasantly surprised that it has been so painless on my end and can't thank you enough. It might not have been the largest sum but had been important for me to be able to surrender the policy and receive what I had paid into for years.  I have been singing your praises and will continue to do so as an efficient and professional company assisting us expats.”

    Susan Versveld, New Zealand
  • “I have not experienced this level and quality of customer service you guys have provided me for a very long time.   I can only congratulate you guys.  You have created a well structured and quality business and you clearly understand customer needs.  May God bless you in all your ways and yes I will recommend you to anyone I know.”

    Mornez Green, New Zealand
  • “Thank you for excellent service.”

    Mr Werner Kruger, Australia
  • “Once again, thank you to both you and Peter for your outstanding work. I am so relieved to have this finally sorted out!!!  I would be very happy to recommend you in the future.”

    Lee-Anne Wedgwood, UK


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