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Policy Surrenders

Cash in your South African retirement annuities, preservation funds & provident funds with the help of Rand Rescue.

We can help you unlock the value of your retirement policies before they mature.

Depending on your policy type, policy value, and your age, you may be able to surrender your retirement policies in South Africa without completing the full tax emigration process.

Some policy types like preservation funds can usually be surrendered without tax emigration, if you have not previously taken a withdrawal from the policy. You will need to have your South African barcode ID book or smart ID card, and an active and compliant tax number in order to surrender policies without completing tax emigration from South Africa.

You may also qualify to surrender your retirement annuity without completing tax emigration if you are aged 55 or over, and the value of the policy is below R247,500. 

Get in touch with us today for your free assessment and quote to find out more about how we can assist you with your policy surrenders in South Africa today.

The Policy Surrender Process

Assessment & Quote

We'll send you a consent form, allowing Rand Rescue to obtain your policy details and rules. We will then prepare your options, explain how we can assist you, and provide a personalised quote.


Once you've accepted our quote, we'll send you an online questionnaire. This comprehensive form enables us to complete all your required paperwork and a list of what supporting documents we will need from you.


Upon receiving your completed and signed forms along with supporting documents, we'll begin processing your application through the bank and the relevant life assurers to get your policy surrendered and paid out.


Once your funds have paid have been paid out and transferred to your international bank account, we'll send you all the relevant completion documents.


Unlock the value of your policies with Rand Rescue

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