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Transfer Money to South Africa

Highly competitive international transfers

Experience unbeatable rates and a fee-free advantage with Rand Rescue's partnership with Xe.

Currency Exchange with Rand Rescue

We're delighted to introduce a trusted money transfer service that guarantees exceptional rates and top-notch service.

Xe specialises in foreign currency services, ensuring your money transfers are not only secure and efficient but also cost-effective. When you choose Xe through Rand Rescue, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to rates surpassing those offered by traditional banks
  • Zero fees on transfers exceeding $10,000
  • 24/5 online money transfer service
  • Swift and secure payments to accounts worldwide
  • Secure better rates with Market Orders
  • Immediate transfers and forward contracts
  • Activate your account in under 5 minutes

Secure your money transfers today and open the door to better financial management. Join us in this advantageous partnership with Currency Online!

Ready to experience seamless and cost-effective money transfers?

Open your free account with Xe today and take advantage of better rates and zero fees on amounts over $10,000. Start saving now!