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Transfer Funds From South Africa

Discover how Rand Rescue can help you transfer your rands overseas.

Transfer your funds from South African at preferential exchange rates

As trusted experts in international funds transfers, we're here to make your ZAR transfers seamless and efficient.

Your Annual Allowances

If you're still considered a tax resident by SARS, you can transfer up to R1 million per calendar year without requiring SARS approval. Additionally, with an Approved International Transfer from SARS, you can transfer an additional R10 million annually.

Opening A Bank Account In South Africa

When transferring rands overseas, we work with JP Blue and Capitec Business Bank to open trading accounts in South Africa. You need to have your barcoded ID book or smart ID card and your South African tax number in order to open a bank account in South Africa.

What You Need To Know

Our trading accounts are purely for transferring rands overseas. They don't come with bank cards or direct debit facilities. Funds must be transferred to an overseas account in your name in order to use your annual allowances. We'll also ensure all banking requirements are met, including any FICA obligations.

How Long Does It Take To Transfer My Rands Overseas?

Once we have your application forms and supporting documents, it typically takes 1-2 days for the bank to finalise your account. When we transfer your rands overseas, it usually takes around 3 business days to be deposited or to reflect into your overseas bank account. 

Ready to transfer your rands overseas?

Contact us today to transfer your rands from South Africa with ease and confidence.