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Financial Emigration

As soon as a client has registered on our website, we will forward a financial emigration questionnaire and authority letter to them.


Cash transfer

Rand Rescue also assists clients that want to exchange their rands and transfer that abroad.

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Get Your Money Out

We assist South Africans globally to access their cash in South Africa by utilizing their annual allowances.

Who we are

The total amount of rands that Rand Rescue has repatriated since the company started, estimate R2.1 billion.

Rand Rescue has repatriated over R2 100 000 000.00 in the past 10 years alone and we expect to triple this value in the next 10 years.

What we do

Success rate (%) of clients who got their funds repatriated – 100% success rate. we don’t take on any application if we cannot successfully repatriate the clients funds, thus far we haven’t turn down any clients application.

How long will i have to wait to get my money

Average time it takes for someone to get their retirement funds repatriated using Rand rescue – the process takes approximately 5-6 months

Can you really assist me?

The total amount of clients who have used Rand rescue’s services. – approximately 4200

We have helped over 4200 satisfied clients over the years and we would be happy to assist you and add you to our client list.

How many years have we been operating?

Rand rescue has been successfully repatriating SA rands since 2008.

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