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Leigh Plimmer, Business Development Manager - USA & Canada

Leigh, a valued member of the Rand Rescue team since 2015, embarked on her American journey in 2000, calling Atlanta, GA, home for 16 years before relocating to San Antonio, TX. With a rich background in banking and foreign exchange, Leigh possesses a unique perspective, having navigated her financial emigration process before the procedures underwent significant changes. Having personally experienced the challenges of moving to a new country, Leigh is on a mission to support her fellow South Africans, offering them peace of mind as they securely transfer their funds to their new homes. Leigh has cultivated a robust network within the US, encompassing tax accounting and investment experts, leveraging her knowledge and expertise to benefit her clients. Committed to delivering exceptional customer service, Leigh tirelessly guides her clients through the intricacies of bureaucracy and the often lengthy processes, ensuring their success is guaranteed.

Blog Post by Leigh Plimmer, Business Development Manager - USA & Canada