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These terms of use and privacy policies govern the use of this website, www.randrescue.com as well as other communication and/or services rendered to users or clients, save for contractual agreements entered into between the two parties which shall supersede these terms.

By using this website, you accept these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you are not authorised to use this website and should end your session immediately and refrain from using the site in future until such time as you agree with these terms.

Unless otherwise indicated, the content of this website remains the intellectual property of Rand Rescue also trading as Rand Reunite under the Rand Group of companies and its affiliates. Any replication or redistribution of the content available on this website is strictly prohibited without prior authorisation provided to you by Rand Rescue also trading as Rand Reunite under the Rand Group of companies.


Usage limitations

By using this website and/or the Rand Rescue social media platforms, you agree to refrain from:

  • Viewing, downloading and printing information on this website or our social media channels unless it is for caching purposes, personal use or you have been authorised to do so for transactional purposes.
  • Republishing, redistributing, duplicating or replicating this website, social media content or any parts of it unless such material is expressly made available for redistribution and you have informed Rand Rescue of the purpose and platform of redistribution.
  • Republishing, redistributing, duplicating or replicating any company information, transactional information or member-information distributed to you via other channels – whether in person, telephonically, via e-mail, social media or text.
  • Selling, renting or sublicensing material on this website or provided to you via other channels.
  • Editing or modifying material on the website or any information sent or posted to you via other channels.
  • Accessing or attempting to access restricted areas of this website which you are not authorised to view or access.
  • Redistributing or using any user details, including your own access details, or information contained on this site to third parties or for any unauthorised use.
  • Conducting yourself on any of our online or real-time chats, contact forms or forums in any way which is derogatory, discriminating, defamatory, harmful, fraudulent, illegal or abusive to other users, Rand Rescue also trading as Rand Reunite under the Rand Group of companies staff and affiliates or the general public.


Limitations of Liability

Though Rand Rescue also trading as Rand Reunite under the Rand Group of companies endeavours to provide information and content which is accurate, professional and complete, we cannot at all times warrant the accuracy or timely updating of information on the site.

As such, the following limitations and restrictions pertaining to content applies:

  • The Rand Rescue website, content on the website, posts on our social media pages and/or other materials distributed to clients do not construe financial advice, nor should such information be considered financial advice.
  • Users are advised, at all times, to seek the counsel and verification of a qualified party authorised to grant financial advice in the respective jurisdictions in question in decisions pertaining to their finances.
  • The information contained in our blogs and elsewhere on our website, in electronic mails, on social media platforms or distributed via other channels should be considered time-sensitive and may have factual inaccuracies.
  • Users are advised to seek the counsel and verification of qualified parties authorised to vet such information before using it as a baseline for any decisions, whether this be related to finance, travel, politics, relationships, shopping, relocation, documentation, governance, dining or any other topics or themes discussed or disseminated by Rand Rescue, Rand Reunite or the Rand Group of companies. 
  • Rates and expertise offered are subject to change subject to changes in company policy, international or regional regulation and/or in line with industry standards.
  • Such advice, rates or expertise are to be acquired and verified by authorised personnel in personal consultation with you and subject to the terms and conditions of the service, product and contractual agreements with the company relevant to your particular request.
  • Rand Rescue also trading as Rand Reunite under the Rand Group of companies will therefore not be liable in any manner or form whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from the use of this website or its materials whether by delict, contract or otherwise.
  • Users should bear in mind that any policies, procedures, transactions or services rendered by Rand Rescue may be annulled and changes applied retrospectively by regulators, governments and/or other official legal bodies and that we will have no control over such changes.
  • We reserve the right to add, amend, delete or alter in any other way any of the information contained on this website and/or to information provided via other channels, including rich media, user access, content, copy, logos, imagery, products, statistics, graphs services and other details.

The use of this website is for your own risk and by proceeding to use the site you assume full responsibility and loss resulting from its usage.


Revocation of Access

Should you breach these terms or any of our internal policies guiding the usage of this site or provide Rand Rescue with information which is unlawful or fictitious, including any contractual obligations towards our company and its affiliates, you may be barred from using the site and all user access to the site may be revoked at any time without consultation with you.

We may also provide details of your interactions with Rand Rescue to regulatory bodies and legal authorities as required by law.


Protection of Personal information

By entering your personal details and submitting to the site for sign-up, enquiries or subscription or providing such information to the company for the purpose of access and correspondence, you accept that you have given permission to Rand Rescue also trading as Rand Reunite under the Rand Group of companies to add and retain your personal information in our contact databases.

On completion of such sign-up or subscription process you consent to receiving relevant information from Rand Rescue also trading as Rand Reunite under the Rand Group of companies and its affiliates from time to time and have opted in to our database in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act requirements.

Such information disseminated to you may include product, service, system, marketing, promotional or general company-related news.

In line with the POPIA (the Protection of Personal Information Act), Rand Rescue, Rand Reunite or the Rand Group serves as the operator who will safeguard the information of the data subject (user or client) in line with the responsible party (government, regulator, state agency and/or financial institution) requirements within the respective jurisdictions.

Rand Rescue also trading as Rand Reunite under the Rand Group of companies as operator agrees to:

  • Appoint an Information Officer to govern, monitor and regulate the acquisition, storage and usage of personal information and see to it that such practices adhere to POPIA as well as other regional laws pertaining to information storage.
  • Provide privacy policies as well as comprehensive terms and conditions to all users and clients.
  • Inform our contractors and affiliates of requirements pertaining to the protection of personal information and require such contractors and affiliates to sign contracts agreeing to their adherence to the protection of personal information.
  • Provide training, tutorials and updates to all employees of Rand Rescue to ensure comprehension of, and adherence to legal requirements around personal information.
  • Report data breaches to the relevant responsible party as well as data subjects.
  • Ensure lawful transfer of personal data between different countries.
  • Safeguard the data subject’s personal information and offer secure storage and transmission of such data.
  • Adhere to the strictest industry standards for digital and hard-copy data storage and access control.
  • Not distribute, trade, alter without consent or exchange the data subject’s information to any third-party agency unless required by law or communicated to the data subject and approved by such subject.
  • Use the data subject’s details strictly for communicating information related to Rand Rescue also trading as Rand Reunite under the Rand Group of companies and its affiliates and/or third-party providers required to fulfil the agreed services to the data-subject.
  • Only request information from the data subject which is relevant to the service, request, enquiry and or products the data subject has acquired, wants to acquire, or needs information on.
  • Offer all users the option to opt out of Rand Rescue, Rand Reunite or Rand Group databases and communication in future, should they choose to do so.
  • Retain users’ or data subjects’ personal information, contact details and transactional info once they have opted out for administrative and legal purposes only as required by law and for internal purposes of statistical relevance.
  • Communicate changes, breaches, amendments, errors or omissions on our part to all users and data subjects in a timely fashion in order transparency be maintained and users or data subjects can pre-empt possible shortfalls.
  • Allow users and/or data subjects relevant cooling off periods as required by law for site usage, transactions and/or other services and will be stipulated in the contractual agreements between the user/data subject and Rand Rescue.



We may revise these terms and conditions from time-to-time without consulting our users. Please familiarise yourself with the terms and revisit our Terms of Use from time-to-time to ensure that you still consent to our usage policies.

These terms and conditions in addition to all other policies or terms contained on this site constitute the entire agreement between yourself and Rand Rescue also trading as Rand Reunite under the Rand Group of companies in relation to your use of our website and shall supersede all previous agreements in respect to your use of this website and our other communication platforms, save for contractual agreements pertaining to our services to you. Such contractual agreements shall supersede the terms of use and privacy policy contained in this document.

These terms and conditions are governed in accordance with South African Legislation and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the South African courts OR where regional legislation applies within a foreign jurisdiction both South African laws and those of the region in question may apply as deemed relevant to their jurisdictions.

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