• Financial Emigration: What You Need To Know

    Financial Emigration: What You Need To Know Rand Rescue has covered the tax changes coming for expats in 2020 at length in our blogs. But given that some of the alternative options available to expats may take some time, it certainly warrants another alert. The process which undoubtedly takes the longest to wrap up is financial emigration, so if you’re

  • Weird Laws From Around The World

    Weird laws from around the world 2019 has been choc-a-block with quite surprising and often unwelcome news, and so we’ve decided to lift a bit of that morbid veil and focus on something lighter to end off the year.  Although most of the laws mentioned in this article will have little impact on most of our lives, it may still

  • SA Economy Update

    SA Economy: politics, fake news and local influences As is the custom for this time of year, Rand Rescue likes to take a hypothetical look into the future and imagine what the next year may have up its sleeve based on past trends and emerging events. Here are a few possible impacts on the SA economy for the foreseeable future. 

  • Captain Leeu & the Paper Boat Project

    The Saffa Who Makes Dreams Come True When one imagines a lion, one would not necessarily place such king of the jungle on a shore, wandering into the bobbing waves. In fact, the lion and the seashore, for the most part, evoke wholly unrelated imagery separated by geography, convention and fable. And yet, perhaps this is the most fitting place

  • South Africa Is Winning Big In 2019

    SA takes the gold: South Africans winning in 2019! It’s been a year of ups and downs for South Africa, and when it comes to service delivery, political upsets and economic matters, the silver lining can oft be hard to find. Luckily, one silver (or should we say gold) lining is keeping our chins perpetually up and our spirits soaring