• Corona, oil & the global economy in 2020

    Corona, oil & the global economy in 2020 It’s strange to imagine that we’re only halfway through the third month of the year. So far we’ve had scares of a third world war, seen Australia battle incredible wildfires it had not seen before, witnessed widespread flooding around the globe, are experiencing the accelerating spread of the coronavirus worldwide, seen the

  • Coronavirus: 10 Ways To Keep Busy In Quarantine

    Coronavirus: 10 ways to keep busy in quarantine Global pandemics are nothing new. Humans have been hit by smallpox, the Spanish flu, measles, the black death, HIV/Aids, Cholera, Typhus and numerous plagues. Unfortunately, our technological advances which make it far easier to study and control viruses and disease are also to blame for the expedited spread of diseases in modern

  • Unpacking South Africa’s 2020/21 Budget Review

    Budget Speech 2020: Mboweni shocks the nation A mere three days ago, analysts across South Africa and abroad were making predictions for the 2020-21 budget speech. There seemed to be a unanimous air of discontent and foreboding as most financial experts divined outcomes for South Africa which seemed solemnly bleak. And indeed, Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, did deliver a

  • SONA 2020: All You Need To Know

    SONA 2020: the good, the bad & the ugly On 13 February South Africans once more found themselves glued to their screens, waiting with bated breath for the president to give us a snapshot of the road ahead in 2020. We’re talking SONA 2020 of course. Unfortunately, the big reveal stopped before it even started as the EFF disrupted the

  • Threats to Global Health: Coronavirus and more

    Threats to Global Health: Coronavirus and more 2020 kicked off with a parade of troubling news – out-of-control wildfires, talks of WWIII, floods, earthquakes, violent protests. But though all these things had us in a vice of panic, one silver lining seems to always soothe away the angst: these events are (for the most part) localised. This is but one