• Around the World in 35 Buildings

    Most fascinating buildings around the globe People travel for all kinds of reasons. Some travel to leave their lives behind for a moment and forget about the hustle and bustle of daily life. Some travel to experience new cultures and languages. Some travel to immerse themselves in the beauty life has to offer. Some travel to expand their knowledge and

  • Reasons to move to Japan

    Japan opens borders to immigration! South Africans have their favourite immigration hot-spots and there are clear statistics to prove that our fellow countrymen and women gravitate towards specific regions. The most popular destinations for South African relocation include the UK, Canada, Australia, the USA, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Germany. But what if those countries aren’t for you? What if

  • Top 10 Travel Gadgets For 2019

    Travel gadgets to look forward to in 2019 The world may be getting older and older as the years drag on, but luckily for us each year brings new gadgets, gizmos and advancements in technology to make our lives easier. We are also seeing increasing affinity for travel around the world—whether for business or pleasure—which means we’re avidly looking for

  • Buying Property Abroad

    SA Expat real estate purchasing guide worldwide South Africans are increasingly looking for opportunities abroad, but for those looking to pack up and ship off entirely, the question remains which country allows the best opportunities for expats when it comes to property. Rand Rescue takes a look at some options available to South Africans as well as the opportunities and

  • Brexit Debacle And Its Impact On South African Expats

    BREXIT UPDATE: deadlocked or good to go? Rand Rescue has written numerous articles to cover the Brexit debacle and its impact on South Africa expats, but given the complexity of the situation, it’s a topic which definitely warrants further exploration. From the outside, the issue seems to have morphed into a political Sophie’s Choice, with both the EU and UK