Financial knowhow in a morass of knowledge

Financial knowhow in a morass of knowledge

Finance information and knowledge is key

Who can forget the site of ‘fat cat’ bankers leaving magnificent banking houses like Lehman Brothers on Canary Wharf and Goldman Sachs in New York, with their humble brown boxes – broke and seemingly destitute, in the big banking crash of 2008? Few of us could muster any sympathy for these so called brilliant financial whizzes who claimed million dollar bonuses on the backs of trading our money. Blog article

But while we may have felt a distinct lack of sympathy those of use with any investments (no matter how small), pension policies, retirement annuities, shares, savings, etcetera, began to feel a sense of trepidation and unease; what was going to happen to the little or much we had managed to save?

What indeed was going to happen to my mortgage application, my money transfers, and my business loan? This feeling foreboding was exacerbated by the fact that we have moved countries; we may have old policies in South Africa. What was going to happen to those policies, to that money?

Many of us scrambled to educate ourselves financially and would’ve discovered that a massive misjudgement in the American mortgage sector led to this global financial morass. This would’ve been of no comfort however as we sat holding our collective breath or raged at the government.

Are we wiser with our money now? Do we know the how and the where and the why of its movements; is there help out there? Maybe a bit more education is needed on where to find it? There is no shame in needing more knowledge related to our finances given the history of seemingly reckless dealings of banks and bankers.

I always need to know a bit more but if you’re like me you do not always have the time to find out exactly what is happening on the financial front and, to be honest it can still seem quite complex.

There are lots of companies, churches and organisations now offering short courses – often free – on financial astuteness: how to invest, where to invest, how to move, where to move money. We are all looking to improve our budgeting, debt management, and to make the most of the money we have.

The good news is along with these other organisations, which we often do not know where to find or how to approach, Rand Rescue offer a clear, uncomplicated service to help ex pat South Africans to claim money from South Africa you probably didn’t even realise you might be able to claim or had simply written off or forgotten.

Rand Rescue are experts in financial immigration & really know how to help fellow expat South Africans as they traverse the globe, in search of adventure, spiritual enlightenment and, of course, wealth, which has distinct advantages for Rand Rescue customers making Rand Rescue world leaders in the industry

Rand Rescue are eager for you to increase your knowledge and financial understanding by whatever means.  Not only can we advise you but we offer a no obligation FREE report on your retirement annuities (and other fund accounts) status in South Africa which you can now cash-in and transfer the proceeds to your new country of residence.

For a free report, simple register on our site by clicking the following link:

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