Funny And Inspirational Stories From Around The World

Funny And Inspirational Stories From Around The World

Funny and inspirational stories from around the world

We’re seeing it all around us; people are sharing outrageous conspiracy theories, doctored statistics and images and inviting us to ‘revolutionary’ opposition groups. Governments and health authorities are fumbling with regulations and losing their credibility through hasty or sluggish action. Some fear for their health, others fear for their livelihoods, the two seem to be at odds somehow.

People are raging. Friends, family, neighbours, races, communities and countries are facing off in a dangerous game where each party is simultaneously on the attack and defence. This is an unhealthy state of being, an extra spoke in the wheel which we certainly don’t need, and yet it’s not altogether surprising.

Rand Rescue gives you a short insight into this behaviour and then we want to turn the tables of frustration by casting a spotlight on the funniest and most inspirational stories from around the globe.

Teetering on the edge of sanity

An article by ABC Australia speaks about the ‘third quarter of isolation’ – a state or period where things become invariably weird and unbearable for those who are isolated. 

The article referenced studies performed on individuals isolated in submarines, space stations and polar bunkers. The research indicated that there are different phases of isolation:

  1. The honeymoon period where everything is novel and different and people relish being alone
  2. The sourdough starter phase where people seek ways to connect or keep themselves entertained and occupied
  3. The third quarter where people become lonely, detached, fixated and resentful

Dr Kimberley Norris, specialist in confinement and reintegration at the University of Tasmania, stated that the world has now entered the third phase and given that this is a global state we are bound to see widespread depression, aggression and despondence flood our news feeds and personal conversations.

Unlike individual isolation which often includes a severance of all communication, the world has social media and the internet at its fingertips – social tools which are now creating the very divisions they were aimed at removing.

Sadly, it is a lack of consistent leadership and decisive yet reasonable action which is spurring on conspiracy theorists and fuelling the fires of discord. Many have legitimate cause for indignation and rebellion. Many are indignant and rebellious about nonsense. People are sharing farfetched and inflammatory ‘news’ not caring for source or authenticity, or brushing off any legitimate sources as part of conspiracies. One post circulating in SA groups blatantly used a Unicef advertisement image to push a now debunked story about racial profiling. Another clip features a disgraced scientist who claims that all other scientists are covering up the truth. The outrage and anarchy is palpable and worrying. 

We’ll cover more of that in one of our next articles, but for now on to happier things.

Radio Raps & Francois van Coke collaboration

Comedian Jonathan from Radio Raps entertained fans with an unexpected collaboration with Francois van Coke.

The two recreated the song ‘What’s Up’ by 4 Non Blondes from the 90s and gave it a lockdown edge telling people to stay home and poking fun at people who are ignoring restrictions.

*Some crude language*



Newlands bingo

Many of us are out of our minds with boredom. Even more of us are watching the roads, driveways and gates for any neighbours who might be erring outside the ambit of caution. But neighbours are coming together in ways other than finger-pointing. Such is the case for actor Anton Taylor and his community.

Anton decided to gather everyone in the Montebello apartment block ‘together’ on their balconies to host an 8pm bingo event for each and all. Anton takes his place in the communal gardens with a loudspeaker and hosts the event each evening. The daily community games include music, clapping for essential workers and other fun and games.


Celebrity bedtime stories

With so many kids stuck at home and parents having to juggle their roles as teachers, parents and employees, it’s inevitable that parents will become a little frazzled. But luckily the world’s A-listers have jumped in to offer parents a little break come bedtime.

The initiative called ‘Save With Stories’ features several famous faces, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman, Lupita Nyong’o, Reese Witherspoon, Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner. Though the readings are free of charge, the participants also call on parents and companies to donate towards the charities Save the Children and No Kid Hungry.

Pacific Edge Voices woos the web

We’ve featured a few musical lockdown initiatives on our blog, and today is no different. The musical ensemble launched in 1980 and will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year. Unfortunately the anniversary celebrations were another casualty of COVID-19, but the musical team has shown the world that nothing will bring them down.

They have continued singing, collaborating, recording and entertaining from their respective quarantine perches, and the results are absolutely breathtaking.

Hear their melodious voices cover ‘With a Little Help from my Friends’ by the Beatles.


South African family recreates iconic movie moments

Lockdown has been hard on all of us, so it’s no surprise that we’ve all scoured the net for some entertaining quarantine clips by our favourite international stars. 

But for saffas feeling the increasing pressure of mental, physical and financial constriction, amusement by our fellow ‘ordinary’ citizens is a necessary pressure-release valve. That said, there’s nothing ordinary about Ansuretha de Jager and her family. The family decided to entertain friends and family with #SALockdownMovieMoments where they recreate iconic movie scenes by replicating the respective scenes and poses. Some films featured include Dirty Dancing, Private Benjamin, The Matrix, Ghost, About a Boy and more.

Museums hold creepiest display/object showdown

Since everyone’s a bit awkward, hysterical and bored, museums around the globe launched a #CuratorBattle asking museums and individuals to post the creepiest objects and displays they’ve showcased or witnessed in exhibitions.

The challenge was kickstarted by the Yorkshire Museum who posted a 3rd/4th century hair bun from the burial of a Roman woman. 

Other submissions includes a horrible taxidermy mermaid, a cursed children’s toy found inside a 155-year-old mansion, a carved pendant with a dead man’s face, a sheep’s heart stuck with pins and nails for breaking evil spells, crab’s leg figures playing cards, an executioner’s mask, a zombie blowfish and more.

Iconic female stars create Boss B***h Fight Challenge

Stuntwoman and actress Zoë Bell, who has doubled for actresses from Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) to Lucy Lawless (Xena), was tired of not being able to play with her friends.

Bell initiated a female show-off where various famed faces fight each other through the camera. It’s a quirky and unique challenge which is entertaining for all ages, races, sexes and creeds.

Stars in the challenge include Daryl Hannah, Florence Pugh, Zoe Saldana, Juliette Lewis, Rosario Dawson, Cameron Diaz, Margot Robbie, KT Tunstall, Thandie Newton, Kaitlin Olson, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johanson, Heidi Moneymaker and more. The challenge ends in such a way to suggest that it will be a recurring feature on our social feeds.

Accidental potato and other bloopers

Humour keeps us sane. Laughing and joking about things doesn’t mean that we’re insensitive to what’s happening around us and don’t understand the gravity – but it relieves tension and also brings people together for a moment. This is highly necessary in this divisive climate. 

It’s no surprise that live bloopers provide endless entertainment and are often edited into memes. In South Africa, president Cyril Ramaphosa’s fumbling to put on his mask became an instant source of amusement for South Africans of all creeds. What was even more heartwarming was his humorous response the following day – showing us that he could take the joke in his stride.

In Houston USA, news network KPRC 2 made a typo on screen which urged viewers to wear bananas as masks instead of bandanas. The resultant response to this was quite hilarious as people across the world snapped themselves with their DIY banana masks. Some people even excavated the old Brooke Shields Art Basel Banana image in response to the blooper. Luckily the news network has a sense of humour and responded by creating their very own banana themed mask.

But perhaps one of the funniest bloopers to occur involved a Microsoft Teams meeting between coworkers in Washington, DC. One of the participants – and boss of the group, Lizet Ocampo called the team together for their weekly Monday check-in.

Lizet accidentally activated a potato filter on her screen and couldn’t figure out how to deactivate it. The meeting consequently continued with Lizet as a potato.

Schalk Bezuidenhout sparks daily laughs!

Comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout has been entertaining South Africans with his daily lockdown home recordings.

Schalk’s quirky South African accent adds the edge which makes even the most reserved among us cock a smile. Schalk’s language may not be suitable for all ages, so proceed with caution. But if you’re  looking for a laugh, follow Schalk’s Instagram channel or Facebook page for more.

Crack some ‘unsolved’ cases…

With everyone sitting at home, Netflixing and chilling, many of us will undoubtedly have stumbled onto some crime documentaries and series. But what if you have more to offer than merely watching?

Crime/web sleuthing used to be something which was frowned upon and ridiculed by traditional law enforcement, but in recent years such ridicule has dissipated somewhat given how many cold cases have been solved by online sleuths and sleuthing communities.

One example is the premise for the true crime documentary Don’t F*ck with Cats, where an online community helped law enforcement catch an animal and human killer. Another case was the story of Grateful Doe who was picked up by Eric Haeger in 1995 while hitchhiking and died in the crash with him. A subreddit created for the case brought together individuals who reconstructed photos, dug into messaging forums and eventually identified the victim’s roommate before identifying him. Another? A reddit user posted an image of a broken taillight asking for identification. 400-comments later and the exact car was identified, handed to police and led to the criminal’s capture.

But law enforcement still don’t want the public to interfere with cases. Luckily you now have the opportunity to develop your investigation skills. Unsolved Case Files collects information from true crime files, creates fictitious case files and distributes these to users who can then solve the mysteries. To add to the intrigue, users can be pitted against each other to see who solves the case the fastest.

Whether you’re into true crime or fictitious crime investigation – you have much to offer you on Reddit and Unsolved Case Files.

A sonnet a day keeps the madness away

If you’re not into comedy, silliness or crime, you may want to head on over to Sir Patrick Stewart’s YouTube channel. The X-Men and Star Trek alumni is a great fan of Shakespeare and has performed in many stage productions of the author’s plays.

Though we can’t expect a whole stage production, Sir Stewart brings us a ‘Sonnet a Day’ read in the comfort of his home. It’s really heartwarming to see one of our favourite celebrities in full civilian calm read some of the best poetry and prose to his fans.

The Ventilator Project

Need something more fulfilling and meaningful to occupy your time? Then head on over the Ventilator Project. This non-profit initiative has already racked up 200 volunteers who are putting heads and resources together to conceptualise the design, creation and distribution of ventilators which sell for next to nothing.

Two entrepreneurs from Boston posted their idea to the public in March and asked the public to assist them in making this idea a reality.

Users can either donate funds to assist the manufacturing of ventilators or contribute through their problem-solving skills, medical, engineering and distribution input.

Grocery chain SPAR assists small businesses

One of SA’s most loved grocery chains has taken it upon themselves to assist individuals and small businesses suffering during lockdown. Though initiatives are undertaken by individual franchises, several of these stores countrywide have found innovative solutions to help out.

Palm Grove SPAR (Durbanville), Western Cape, announced that they would close down their stationery section and remove frozen burgers in order to pass this business on to micro enterprises in their area. The franchise urged shoppers to head on over to RocoMamas via Mr D and PenCafe Stationers and shop from these businesses instead.

In Plettenberg Bay, Beacon Isle KWIK SPAR has cleared shelves and made this space available to local businesses and restaurants who struggle to make ends meet during lockdown.

It is heartwarming to see big business help the man on the street survive in these trying times.

The Kiffness Lockdown Parodies

The satirist and social media personality ‘the Kiffness’ is more famous among the younger crowd, but that doesn’t mean that older folk can’t enjoy it.

But fans were shocked to find that the influencer they’ve been following for so long can hit a note as well. The kiffness has started a series of lockdown parody songs where he records famous songs with new lyrics relevant to the coronavirus and lockdown.

If you’re into satire, give his playlist a go.

Howler entertains the young of heart

For the young adults among us, lockdown can be particularly hard. Luckily the ticketing and cashless payment platform which assists concertgoers with safe and seamless transacting at concerts is offering various events to their followers online.

The streamed events showcase a range of artists and genres to choose from and allows users to party together online. Whether you’re looking for chilled out mood music or a full on trance party – howler has you covered!

The Tiger King phenomenon

Whether you’ve seen the Netflix documentary we’re referring to or not, chances are you’ve heard of Tiger King, Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. Love it or hate it, the outrageous documentary is so over the top and absurd, it’s impossible not to be drawn into the drama.

And what does society do best when times are dark? We laugh…often inappropriately. It’s no surprise that the internet went wild over this bizarre tale of exotic animal breeding, murder accusations, polygamy, a surgically enhanced cult of beautiful women, extortion, arson, stalking, presidential campaigns, country music careers and love.

Such was the impact of the documentary that the likes of actor Rob Lowe has climbed in with a Tiger King inspired photo shoot (hinting at other Tiger King inspired work in future).

Image credit: Rob Lowe Instagram

Read some of the funniest Tiger King inspired memes and tweets here.

Mzansi’s Tsek Corona video

SA has tried to uplift and support its countrymen in various ways. One of these includes the likes of David Kramer, Emo Adams, Loukmaan Adams, Schalk Joubert, Cacamimillo Lombard, Donveno Prins and Tim Rankin in a collaboration which tells the virus what saffas really think of it.

Have more feel-good stories?

We realise everyone’s looking for some good news. If you’d like to share yours, send them to us and who knows? We might feature your tidbit in future.

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