Lockdown Christmas And Holiday Ideas

Lockdown Christmas And Holiday Ideas

Lockdown Christmas And Holiday Ideas

We’ve had a few Christmas and holiday features in years past, but few years compare to this one. While we’d usually encourage exaggerated initiatives, actions and decor, this year we’re adapting to the narrative of the season.

We’re encouraging innovative approaches to celebrating with loved ones, whether near or afar.

Singing Telegrams

Christmas carols aren’t really custom in South Africa, but for those who are living abroad this practice may have become part of their lives.

And if you’re living in a part of the world where a group of singers rocking up at your door during the festive season is custom, 2020 may seem like it’s missing something.

Luckily this year is allowing you to share this experience with others worldwide. There are numerous ways to send a musical telegram. Whether you want to approach your local choir or want to use platforms like the bash or songsender, you can make your loved ones far and wide experience your Christmas joy with the power of digital transmission.

Online gaming

For many of us, the festive season is synonymous with old school games. For South Africans it’s customary to pull out the puzzles, chess, backgammon or other board games as we set the electronic devices aside.

Though online gaming may not have the same feeling or effect as the real thing, there are still ways to experience these things together.

Private YouTube channel

Creating a private YouTube channel allows you to share videos and enjoy them together instantly and for days to come. Sure, one can create a group chat, but creating a channel where different people can upload and view footage makes far more sense.

Does grandma want to share her famous Christmas roast with everyone? Record it. Do you want to see the nieces, nephews and grandkids opening presents? Record all the surprised and excited expressions and reactions across the world and let everyone have part of it. Do the kids want to share their Christmas Carols with grandparents? Film it, upload it and share with your not-so-nearest, but still dearest.

Go Old School

With the world in its current state, it’s unlikely that postcards, parcels and other shipments would reach their intended destinations in time, but for anyone who’d been alive before the 2000s, this was par for the course.

Presents would arrive early, on time, or late, but they would nevertheless arrive. Put together hampers of home-made crafts, photos, snacks (if allowed to the region of the intended receiver) and have an old-school festive season which can last for weeks or months.

Gift experiences

Global lockdown has made it hard for many people to connect across borders, but that doesn’t mean that we need to skimp on experiences.

Many gifting companies allow you to choose experiences suitable to the age, tastes and location of your loved ones. Some places even allow you to tailor experiences for your specific audience.

Whether you want to gift a safari, advanced driving course, cooking classes, painting class, chocolate-tasting experience or hot air balloon ride, you’re bound to find a gift suited to your loved ones.

Honorary ceremonies

For loved ones who are meant to be ‘close’ yet unnecessarily far due to lockdown, it can be particularly frustrating. Some of us had wedding plans, christenings or other grand events planned.

While these plans may be on hold or even have been cancelled, there is a temporary balm which may set your souls at ease.

Honorary ceremonies across time and space can appease us for a while and be just as magical in the interim. Do that wedding! Have that dance, birthday party, christening, bar mitzvah, quinceanera….event funeral.

It’s necessary to share our experiences. We may have to delay experiencing and sharing these in person, but we don’t need to put off closeness and togetherness. Give each person in the ceremony a task for your virtual get-together; whether it’s saying a few words, telling a joke, singing a song, throwing confetti or putting together a playlist.

Saffa Christmas meal deliveries

Most bakeries, caterers and home-delivery chefs are happy to take on custom orders.

Why not contact one of these individuals or businesses and ask them to prepare some bobotie, biltong, melktert, bunny chow, Gatsby rolls, spitbraai or other saffa food for your loved ones. Have the order delivered to your loved ones on Christmas eve and experience the delight as they sample a taste of home prepared according to your instructions.

Meme about it

Memes are a staple for online interaction in recent years, and there are thousands of meme templates which can stir up roaring laughter for people of all ages.

Instruct all family members to gift a custom meme to another family member. Pass around some templates and give gran and gramps instructions on how to edit these on their phones then watch how the family giggles as each person reads out and shows the custom meme created for them by their loved ones.

Giving to others

Although many of us can’t be together, it can still be frustrating and lonely to forego the Christmas meals and gifting.

Task each member of the family with a meal, or to buy a gift and share where you want to distribute your gifts and meals. Choose a local charity and share the experience of helping others with your loved ones.

Have them feel the gratitude which others feel when the meals reserved for them are given to hungry mouths, or gifts accepted by those less fortunate.

Post lockdown fete fund

If you don’t feel like spending money on pursuits or gifts meant for your family, why not ask everyone to pool their funds into a joint post-lockdown fund. Each person can maintain their own savings account or you can task a money-savvy member of the family with investing everyone’s funds in one place.

Either way, when the world finally returns to normal, you’ll have those funds available for a grand party and can enjoy a luxurious post-festive fete!

Do you have more lockdown festive ideas?

If you have any ideas on how to spend lockdown with your loved ones who are far away, feel free to share it on our article’s blog post on Facebook.

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