Mzansi’s funniest moments and memes of 2020-21

Mzansi’s funniest moments and memes of 2020-21

Mzansi’s Funniest Moments and Memes of 2020-21

With all the loss and dissent afoot in the world it’s no surprise that we’re all reaching for some good news to lighten the load.

South Africans have had our fair share of trials and tribulation these past few years. And what do saffas do when we’re in a tight spot? Well, first we bicker about it, then we like to find the bright side of a dire situation.

NOTE: before we jump in, note that all content in this article was shared with or sent to Rand Rescue by fellow South Africans. Although the sharing of memes is not illegal, we’ve taken additional precautions to safeguard personal information and identities, though some of these may be forthcoming. We’ve also censored words which may be offensive to some readers. Feel free to look these memes up in your own time should you want the original content.

We’ve sought to keep this article free of political, racial or other dissent and excluded memes which discriminate against any group or person.

The psychology of joking about serious things

Joking about serious matters isn’t uniquely South African, of course, but psychologists have found that this phenomenon is most common among individuals or groups who suffer persistent trauma. So although some people find it distasteful it is, in fact, a natural coping mechanism.

Making light of serious affairs is also not an indication of a lack of empathy as many believe. In fact, studies have shown that it is those people who think most about matters and are affected by them who tend to seek out humour as an outlet for stress.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at those memes and events which South Africans have joked and laughed about most this past year.

Lockdown memes

South Africa’s lockdown restrictions have been quite divergent from the rest of the world, or rather; South Africa’s lockdown restrictions incorporated strict rules imposed worldwide.

We’ve joked about speeches by politicians, lockdown restrictions and other issues touching South Africans specifically.

There was the president fumbling with his mask, the random and sometimes illogical lockdown rules (including a ban on hot food, cigarettes, alcohol, exercise and open shoes). There were the various random statements by our leaders referencing things such a zol and vibrators.

Loadshedding woes

Loadshedding has been with us for the past few years and, in many ways, feels almost part of SA culture at this point (to our communal dismay), but despite all the frustrations around Eskom’s inefficiency, South Africans still like cracking jokes about our predicament.

Local and world events

South Africans like to make inside jokes about grand events and occurrences, whether local or abroad.

Random South African funnies

Through the past nearly two years, we’ve cracked jokes about other things which seem to only apply to South Africans, or can only be understood by those of us who live here or have lived here in the past.

Whether about politics, culture, language, shopping, pastors spraying congregations with doom, schools, signage, food or social.

Rugby memes

Rugby is undoubtedly one of SA’s greatest pastimes – as supporters or viewers. It’s no surprise that we keep the ruggas memes coming.

Want to share?

If you want your funny meme finds shared on the Rand Rescue blog, feel free to mail them to us on Note, we’ll do an infrequent ZA meme blog sharing all the best memes from our readers.

Please steer clear of any racist, politically divisive, sexist, exploitative or unsavoury memes as we will not share these. If you created your own memes and don’t mind for your name or identity to be disclosed, we won’t hide these if and when we post another meme blog.

If you’re a South African living abroad, all the better – share your memes about your experiences as a saffa in a new country.

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