New Horizons for Rand Rescue

New Horizons for Rand Rescue

New Horizons for Rand Rescue

The world has been changing so rapidly in the past few years, it feels quite surreal to look back on where we were a decade or two ago. 

Things have not been standing still over here at Rand Rescue either – we’re moving with the times to offer you more options for your rands and other currency. 

Branching off into new territory

The changing face of global politics, socio-economic conditions and especially the major shift in trade initiated by global lockdown have shone a collective spotlight on the need for services which aren’t merely geared towards individual financial services but also facilitate business growth and opportunities. 

Going forward, Rand Rescue will still maintain our current services to South African emigrants – including repatriation of financial assets, tax services and more – but we’ll be branching off into new territory as well. 

BeztForex Global is a new venture aimed at delivering white-label remittance and issuing of foreign exchange contracts tailored to individual business needs. 

Who is BeztForex Global?

BeztForexGlobal is a registered financial services provider that specialises in foreign exchange, global trade and banking intermediary services with representation in New Zealand,  Australia and a partnership with Ebury Partners.

Ebury is an authorised Electronic Money Institution registered with the Information Commission Office in the UK.  holding an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 530548) and are an authorised Investment Firm approved for providing advice and executing trades in FX Forwards. 

These affiliations and accreditation perfectly position BeztForex to offer a holistic one-stop trade platform for all our clients. 

By offering our clients a single view of their international forex positions we can ease the burdens of currency conversion for those who deal with suppliers or customers who use different currencies. 

Our target market is Importers, Exporters and Private Wealth individuals with an annual exposure of NZD 1 000 000 or more. We provide our global clients with an online solution to simplify trade and the world of foreign exchange. We do away with complex FX solutions and provide useful information, consistent pricing and direct market access. 

Unlike our competitors we empower our clients through access to a comprehensive foreign exchange service that works for them instead of self-serving corporations. We provide solutions across the foreign exchange spectrum, from one-off large payment requirements to companies that are managing more complex foreign exchange risks. Our clients benefit from more than 120 years of combined industry specific experience and through our strategic banking relationships we are able to keep more money in their pockets. Our continued investment in user friendly tools coupled with proactive support ensures that you have a hassle-free experience. 

Most importantly, we offer best rates with NO fees.

International payments

With BeztForex you can make local payments in over 25 currencies, with over 130 currencies available for international payment. 

The business is not merely progressive in terms of the currencies available, but our pooled accreditation and resources enable us to facilitate faster transactions than conventional service providers and with zero fees. 

Multiple currency accounts

With BeztForex you can open a currency account in multiple jurisdictions and currencies (35 currencies at present). This means you can hold money in multiple accounts and currencies and collect locally without the need for multiple bank accounts or a local presence.

Additionally, such currency accounts will allow individuals or businesses to accept payments in their clients’ preferred currency – which means they’re getting paid like locals while dealing across borders. 

Domestic collections are facilitated via Ebury Currency Accounts in the client’s name and available in the following regions and currencies:

 – Australia (AUD)
 – Austria (EUR)
 – Belgium (EUR)
 – Bulgaria (BGN)
 – Canada (CAD)
 – Czech Republic (CZK)
 – Denmark (DKK)
 – France (EUR)
 – Germany (EUR)
 – Greece (EUR)
 – Hong Kong (HKD)
 – Hungary (HUF)
 – Italy (EUR)
 – Ireland (EUR)
 – Kenya (KES)
 – Luxembourg (EUR)
 – Netherlands (EUR)
 – New Zealand (NZD)
 – Norway (NOK)
 – Poland (PLN)
 – Portugal (EUR)
 – Romania (RON)
 – Spain (EUR)
 – Sweden (SEK)
 – Switzerland (CHF)
 – United Arab Emirates (AED)
 – United Kingdom (GBP)
 – United States of America (USD)

More regions and currencies will be made available in due course. 

Forex and Risk Management

Our expertise perfectly positions us to manage your forex risk and tailor FX solutions according to each organisation’s unique structure, risk appetite and financial goals. 

We can convert money across multiple currencies at competitive exchange rates, and allow the forwarding of exchange contracts up to five years. 

FX risk is particularly crucial for those in the import/exports sector and yet it’s so often overlooked at dire cost to these companies. Covid-19 has fast-tracked a global shift in trade and pushed numerous ventures out of their conventional areas and modes of operation to consider novel ways of acquiring and providing goods and services over international borders.

Trade Finance

BeztForex offers trade finance for payables and receivables to reduce cash flow gaps.

The business facilitates supplier payments in such a way that different parties to a transaction can make and receive payments in each of their respective currencies. 

Such financing is offered with a 150-day repayment term in your domestic currency and there are no upfront or hidden fees. Interest is only levied when the trade finance line is used. BeztForex also doesn’t impose any collateral holds which means there’s no risk for any existing credit lines.

Want to learn more about BeztForex?

BeztForex will work in collaboration with Rand Rescue to offer all our clients the best of both worlds. 

We’ll share more updates on BeztForex Global in due course. For now, feel free to visit for more information about this new venture. 

Talk to BeztForex about your FX requirements!

Simply leave your details and we’ll get back to you!


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