Unusual visas and visa questions from around the world

Unusual visas and visa questions from around the world

Unusual Visas and Visa Questions From Around The World

Earlier in April 2022, president Ramaphosa announced that the State of Emergency in South Africa has officially ended. While this has been the case in many countries around the world for a while, the world is slowly but surely thawing to a post-pandemic world.

This means that many people with the means will be jetting off for work, deferred holidays or other reasons.

While visas change quite frequently (as do visa requirements), everyone who plans on travelling abroad needs to consider whether they need a visa, what visa they require and what the stipulations of those visas are.

Common visas and visa requirements

Visas may differ worldwide, but there are some common requirements which are universally applied, depending on the type of visa, including:

 – sufficient finances to sustain one’s travel and other costs while in the country
 – clear criminal record
 – proof of familial ties back home
 – proof of familial or economic ties in the country of travel
 – proof of sponsorship (where applicable)
 – not have overstayed a previous visa
 – no ties to extremist political or religious factions
 – good health
 – must be of a sufficient age for the visa

There are some decidedly odd visas and visa questions in the world. While farfetched questions or types of visa may seem like a joke to many applicants, immigration advisers state that one should never answer sarcastically or ridicule types of visa as this is an immediate indicator that the applicant is not respectful of foreign culture. Be prepared for some odd questions and answer them truthfully.

Alpaca shearing visa – Peru

If you’re just looking to visit a foreign country for a different experience, you can consider Peru. That is, of course, if you’re willing to put in some hard labour for most of the day. During Alpaca shearing season, Peru offers a special visa to seasonal workers who can lend a helping hand.

Have you been to a farm in the past six weeks? – Australia

According to Business Insider, this question has been posed to respondents for certain visas to Australia. Though the question may sound odd, it’s not entirely that far fetched as trace elements or pathogens could possibly be found on the person’s clothing which could hypothetically lead to contamination. Someone involved in the agricultural industry should, of course, be aware of this and not be taken aback.

Remote worker visa – Mauritius

There are various digital nomad visas popping up all over the world, and Mauritius is one country which is seeking to attract new visitors with novel incentives. Given the impact of the pandemic, the country is more eager than ever to attract visitors. The remote worker visa is aimed at those who perform their duties remotely. They therefore won’t be a drain on the economy while simultaneously spending money on their accommodation, entertainment, food and healthcare on the island.

Who will your professor be? – South Korea

If you plan on visiting Korea to learn their language, it’s important to know who your professor or other supervising staff members will be. This question indicates to authorities that you’ve done your homework and you aren’t using this particular visa just to gain entry to the country for other reasons. This is important since many students get paid scholarships to learn Korean which includes their travel, accommodation and allowance expenses.

Entertainer visas – various locations

It seems one thing that’s abundant the world over is entertainers, and yet it is the one type of visa which is available in multiple locations worldwide. Whether you want to participate in festivals, auditions, song contests, or even provide your makeup skills for seasonal zombie walks or mardi gras, this is generally a pretty easy visa to get as long as you have the finances to sustain you and are willing to visit the region for less than 6 months.

What side of the bed does your wife sleep on? – USA

Another odd question posed to at least two applicants who wished to enter the USA. Though this question sounds rather ridiculous, such questions are often posed as ‘trick questions’ to determine someone’s marital status as many people try to skip formalities through spousal association, having married just to get into a country.

Medical treatment visa – UK

While ill health is generally a no-no on visa applications, the UK does offer a special medical treatment visa which allows the user to visit the UK for private treatment, provided they have the funding to do so.

How did your previous relationship end? – Canada

A bit of a personal question, and yet it’s fairly easy to see what the question is inferring. If you’re moving to the country under the auspices of a new relationship, your past relationships give telling input into how well adjusted you are and whether you respect your previous spouses or lovers. If your new relationship comes to an end, the country needs to be sure that you won’t become a drain on their legal system or become abusive or vindictive.

Religious worker visa – various

While the world seems uniformly opposed to extremist religious nuts, it is simultaneously very welcoming of religious workers. The rationale is that most religious workers are dedicated to socio-economic upliftment and while they may not bring significant funding into countries, they won’t burden the system and may even have a positive effect on local economies.

How long are you going to stay? – Schengen area

This sounds like a pretty straight-forward question, right? Well, it could be a trick question. Officials will often ask this to check whether you understand the stipulations of your visa as well as the requirements for renewal of a passport. Visitors are often barring from travel if their passport are within 6 – 8 weeks of expiry. If you’re not aware of this it either shows your ignorance, or indicates that you may be planning on overstaying your visa.

Ready to take the leap?

The time to plan is now! If you’re planning on moving abroad or even visiting temporarily, it’s imperative that you approach immigration experts to ensure that you apply for the correct visa and qualify for the particular visa you want to access.

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